Click top right link "Brain Drain Finale" to see the final report and video.

Elitch's new for 2014 Permanent ground mount classic carnival ride Ring of Fire called Brain Drain.

Brain Drain will be located on the old Rainbow site

The part of rainbow that has sat on it's base where it was installed was cut up and removed.

Cleanup in the Rainbow spot continued.

Work continued. Electrical removed .

More work continues. Marker flags inserted.

New hardware installed for electrical.

Lots of markings added on ground.

This machine came in dug out some holes.

Ground work continues, open ground blocked off end of days.

Coming in, or going out? These showed up last week

3 Large square holes now excavated

Beginnings of concrete molds.

Footer and support molds completed.

Days later molds covered due to rain and snow.

Looks like footers and pad almost ready to go.


Looks like entrance chutes, platform and exit are being constructed before any ride hardware is being installed

Mid week

This weekend

Halfpipe still sits waiting for parts. With just a little over 4 weeks to opening hopefully it gets repaired and tweaked for operation opening day.

As has happened the last three seasons, MTII has recieved major track work. Seems to be finished and at least one train is in the station. This winter before the snow the first turnaround recieved new wood. the second turnaround which did have a malfunction 2013 damaging train and track recieved two new layers of wood. The section at the second trim brake down to and maybe into the tunnel recieved new wood.

Shortly after 2013 season rail removed and wood work started

Work stopped due to snow, as winter calmed this month, work continued.


Click top right link "Brain Drain Finale" to see the final report and video.

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